Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

Senior Martech Professional


I’m a Digital Marketer with 10+ years experience having held various roles at a couple of market leading organisations managing clients grow their business via major digital channels such as Search and Social. I have always stayed for a number of years at the same company as I like to feel I've actually delivered value to the company's growth rather than hop around here and there. I'm also a strong team leader having managed both local and remote international staff. Mentoring and seeing younger talent develop and succeed has always been an enjoyable part of the job.


Vast experience in helping clients grow their business by listening to their requirements and then explaining the best strategy.


Ensured clients' were always presented the key product features that were going to add value to their operations. High product adoption is typically directly linked to high client satisfaction.

Client Success

Through consistantly meeting client targets I have been able to demonstrate excellent churn rates and renewed deals.


I have always taken time to ensure my teams understood their roles and objectives but also made sure they knew I was there to support and facilitate their success.

Work History

KenshooTradeDoublerThe Search Works


AccorhotelsSkyscannerJohn Lewis


I’ve worked with Simon across two very different verticals - electronics and travel. On both occasions, Simon has taken the time to learn the business, and has sought out opportunities to add maximum value. He has always been a popular extension to our internal team, and he's a great guy to work with. I sincerely hope we get the opportunity to work together again in the future.
While at Kenshoo I needed someone to lead all Direct clients including some of the biggest brands in the market. Simon was the perfect fit and had an instant impact. His impressive industry experience and consultative approach were instrumental in strengthening our relationships with existing and new clients. More generally he always actively contributed to the team and was one of the first to volunteer to help. I really value the time we spent working together and am pleased to be able to recommend him.
I have known and worked with Simon in different capacities from the moment I joined Blue Barracuda and selected BidBuddy as our search platform. I would not hesitate to recommend him; he always takes the time to gain an unparalleled knowledge of any technology he works with AND couples this with the ability to communicate complicated concepts to users from every background.
Simon has the ability to explain difficult technical concepts in clear and concise lanuage , (handy as we operate in many markets together). He also puts clients at ease with his assured delivery and wealth of knowledge. Lastly and as valuable he has a finely developed dry sense of humour which makes him fun to have around.

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I have a number of different accounts on both Twitter and Instagram to make sure I'm speaking to the right audience. My cycling friends tell me they do not want to hear about the latest Facebook ad format for some reason!? So below is just a flavour…


This is my main work related Twitter account.


I try not to post too many food shots!


Having worked with promoting websites for most of my career I gained an interest in how they were built and developed. Along with learning HTML and CSS, I've also learn't how to work with development languages such as PHP and Ruby. My current project is a curated list of my favourite coffee shops in London; Gourmet Coffee London.

I'm also a keen photographer having gained two City & Guild qualifications in Digital Image Capture and Photojournalism.

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